Your Algarve SUP Adventure starts here!

why have SUP lessons with us?

At “” SUP school, your safety and well-being are our primary concerns. We take care of the detail so you can relax, have fun, get the maximum out of your time with us and progress as far as you possibly can.

Our well researched Paddle board lessons are delivered by our enthusiastic professional ASI certified Instructors using excellent SUP Boards in the perfect location.

From your first attempt at standing up to completing your first tour or catching your first wave, we are with you every step of the way. You are in safe hands.

We offer SUP coaching, SUP courses and SUP holidays for beginner, improver, and intermediate Paddleboarders as well as teaching SUP Yoga, SUP surf, SUP race and SUP freestyle skills at our Stand up Paddle school.

We offer the following SUP lessons

SUP basics

SUP beginner lesson and tour

SUP improver lesson and tour

SUP intermediate lesson and tour

introduction to SUP surfing

Introduction to SUP freestyle

Introduction to SUP yoga

introduction to SUP racing

Discovering how to Stand up Paddle - Fuseta

Discovering how to Stand up Paddle - Fuseta

SUP basics

If you want a quick intro to the world of Stand up Paddle and don’t have time for a tour right now, this 1 hour taster is for you.

You will receive our flat water beginner’s lesson on Paddle board basics covering things like safety; setting up; launching and landing; SUP paddling in the kneeling and standing positions; stopping and turning.


Improving your SUP Skills - Fuseta Beach

Improving your SUP Skills - Fuseta Beach


The lesson begins on the beach with a quick familiarisation of the surroundings and SUP equipment, a short safety briefing, a summary of the lesson objectives and a quick overview of technique. This does not take long and we are soon entering the water…let the fun begin!

In the clear, calm, shallow, waters of the lagoon you will soon learn some paddle board basics, like how to get on and off the paddle board and simple paddling technique; initially in the lying, sitting and kneeling positions to gain confidence. Then progressing to standing on the board.

Once you’ve got your balance, learned to relax, instead of trying to hold on with your toes J and achieved a good level of board stability we will show you how to improve your paddling proficiency and get the board to glide effectively.

Steering, turning and stopping techniques follow, then after a short break for some refreshment we are ready for a little tour in the Ria Formosa natural park.

This SUP session is suitable for anyone over the age of 8 years old and in good health. You don’t need a high level of fitness to become a Paddleboarder. In fact one of reasons to take up SUP is to get fit.

A stressful SUP "board meeting" off Fuseta Beach

A stressful SUP "board meeting" off Fuseta Beach


If you want to become a better Paddle boarder and improve your SUP skills we run a SUP clinic which focuses on more advanced board control and manoeuvres, including foot placement, weight transfer, SUP paddle technique, speed and manoeuvres.

This SUP lesson is excellent preparation for all aspects of Stand up Paddle including SUP touring, SUP surfing, SUP racing and SUP freestyle.

After we’ve tuned your technique, we’ll have a short break to “re-fuel” then paddle off for a small for tour in the Ria Formosa natural park to put those new found skills into practice.

SUP Touring around Fuseta in the Ria Formosa Natural Park

SUP Touring around Fuseta in the Ria Formosa Natural Park


If you’ve already joined us for a SUP lesson or two (ideally our beginner and Improver SUP lessons) you will be in an ideal position to enjoy and get the most out of this intermediate coaching session.

First we’ll quickly review and practice the board control and manoeuvres covered in the Improver lesson then demonstrate a couple of really cool moves.  

On the SUP intermediate lesson, you also get a chance to try out various board shapes and sizes and different types of paddle to get an appreciation of how they can radically alter your SUP experience. Great fun and really useful if you are considering buying a SUP at a later date.

After a short break for a drink we’ll paddle off on a small tour of part of the Ria Formosa natural park.

Please note that these small tours that constitute part of the coaching session are aimed at your specific skill level, the intermediate being more challenging than the improver.


SUP Surfing at Fuseta Beach

SUP Surfing at Fuseta Beach


Our SUP Surf lessons make catching your first wave, easy, safe, and great fun.

First we’ll have a quick chat to find out your experience and outline the aspects of surfing that will be covered in the lesson. Then it’s straight onto the boards for a warm up paddle out to the surfing area, the location of which will vary depending upon the water conditions.

Our location has some great sand bar breaks and beach breaks for beginners, which can get some nice knee to hip high waves rolling in rather than the bigger, more powerful waves of the west coast.

Ideal for rookies, with the possibility of some nice long rides if the tide is right and you know what you are doing.

That’s where your instructor comes in handy. He’ll show you how to paddle out and spot your wave (much easier to spot when you are standing up on the board); prepare for it; match your board speed to it; catch and ride it back in.

These are also valuable skills if you want to switch to traditional surfing, which you are also welcome to try while you are with us.

We’ll have a cool down paddle back to Fuseta and do some stretching on the beach upon arrival.


SUP Freestyle in Fuseta Lagoon

SUP Freestyle in Fuseta Lagoon


One things for sure, you are going to get wet during this SUP session. Good job the water’s warm.

First a little warm up paddle to the practise area, followed quick demo by your instructor, we don’t call him twinkle toes for nothing!

Next some great balance drills to get you in touch with the board and give you a feel for how it responds to you dancing around on it.

Then some coaching on a couple of cool moves and lots of practice.

We’ll have the go pro ready for a quick synchronised SUP session when you’ve cracked it.

We run a special SUP class called an introduction to SUP Freestyle. You can find out more on the SUP lessons page.


SUP Yoga at Fuseta in the Ria Formosa Natural Park

SUP Yoga at Fuseta in the Ria Formosa Natural Park


This superior SUP workout has many possibilities and is equally suitable for those with no previous Yoga experience or those with many years of Yoga practice.

The focus can be meditative, dynamic flowing, balance challenging, strength-building, or a little of everything and all with a lot of good humour and falling in!

For those with previous land yoga practice you will be intrigued and delighted by how doing Yoga on a SUP will inevitably hone your ability to orient you to your mid-line.

Your proprioception will be fully reawakened… as you come into headstand the SUP board shifts under you in response to the change in weight bearing...

Practice Yoga on a SUP…as you drift on the gentle current you feel every undulation of the water surface. You must find the stillness in the midst of all the constant adaptions the body is making to keep your balance.

Benefits of SUP Yoga:

  • Work your core deeply without strain
  • Work your balance in an entirely new way, connecting your core to your extremities.
  • Make your use your breath to steady your mind and your balance.
  • Help you find a meditative state.
  • Wipe your mind clean of worries as you must focus totally.
  • Help you let go of seriousness - everyone falls in at least once, its part of the fun of it.
  • Improve your well-being by combining the ancient science of yoga with immersion in nature.
  • Refine your yoga practice as it reveal insights about your habits in each pose.
  • Calm and restore you- there’s nothing like floating relaxation on water.



SUP racing - an amazing workout

SUP racing - an amazing workout


First we’ll have a quick chat to find out your experience and outline the aspects of racing that will be covered in the lesson. Then it’s straight onto the boards for a warm up paddle out to the training area, the location of which will vary depending upon the water conditions.

Following some pre-race preparation we’ll carry out a time trial where we will watch your paddle board technique and set a bench mark so you can see how much you’ve improved later on…

After a brief recovery period, while we log your time and calculate your handicap for our friendly race at the end of the session, we’ll complete a timed sprint while your muscles are still warm and log that time as well.

Next well have a 5 minute gentle paddle to clear away the lactic acid, get your breath back and have a sports drink, after which we’ll do some coaching on race technique and board speed.

The friendly race which ends this SUP session is a staggered start time trial. This is exciting to participate in and great fun to watch.

You are set off at intervals based upon your individual results in the first time trial, such that the slowest person starts first and tries to stay ahead of the rest, while the fastest person starts last and tries to overtake everybody; all things being equal everyone should cross the finish line at the same time for a photo finish.

We’ll have a cool down paddle back to Fuseta and do some stretching on the beach upon arrival.

Once we’re back on dry land and having a well-deserved drink in the Borda Da Agua. You will probably want to know how you can take your racing further.

Whether you want to join us for one of our organised social events and fun races, or if you are keen to improve your board speed, endurance and get really fit in the process, we are happy to help.


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Prices are per person - minimum 2 people required


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We can organise private lessons for you, your family, friends or a group, simply contact us with your requirements

What’s included?

  • All stand up paddle and safety equipment
  • Professional ASI tuition, guidance and support
  • Dry bag for your towel, phone, snacks, drinks etc.
  • Insurance

What to bring?

  • Swimming kit / beach shorts / T-shirt
  • Good quality Sunscreen
  • Sun Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Waterproof Camera
  • Drinks & Snacks

When? Morning lessons and tours normally start at 9am and end around midday. We suggest parking in Fuseta between 08am and 08:30am. Other times are available if that's not convenient for your group. 

Where? We are based in Fuseta and will normally meet you at the Borda de Agua café as most activities start on the small beach by the cafe.