We had great fun hosting a photo-shoot for the TAP airlines in flight magazine ON-AIR. The photographic team were very creative and the results look great. Checkout the magazine here: Pages 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18 were shot on location with us in the Fuseta Lagoon system. 


Aerial View from Fuseta Lagoon

Aerial View from Fuseta Lagoon

Well we finally left the beach long enough to create our new website. We hope you enjoy surfing through it and get an idea or two for Your own Algarve Adventure. We will be adding more, hopefully useful, content to the site when time permits, but meanwhile please feel free to contact us if anything takes your fancy or you need some more info. 

While we're out of the water, we thought we might have a go at creating a social media presence as well! Blimey, what ever next...We'll add the social links to the site as we go, then post some pics and hopefully get some "likes"and some nice feedback...

Now, where did I put that camera...